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Thought leader in immersive sector and metaverse

What is


“Immersion refers to the state of being fully engrossed in a task. THE STATE CAN BE manipulated by using technology to fabricate an authentic, captivating, and rewarding experience across all devices, and further integrating these experiences with the tangible world.”

Vishal ‘immersion’ reddy

What ARE

Immersive Technologies

Idea Strategy Concept

Extended Reality (XR)

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Unlock digital from the physical

A unified term symbolizing a seamless user experience crafted with immersive technologies

Augmented Reality (AR)

Digital Twins

Replicas of individuals, locations, and items that can be used by computer programs

Mixed Reality (MR)

Visualize digital twins in physical spaces

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Virtual Reality (VR)

Engage with digital twins

“Digital twins being a fundamental requirement, the most CAPTIVATING immersive experiences utilize extended reality TECHnologies. These experiences are all driven by deep learning AI for essential tasks such as spatial awareness, recognition, personalization, and media management.”

Vishal ‘immersion’ reddy

what is


“a functional universe made using digital twins and their immersive experiences crafted from extended reality technologies. The expectation is that the metaverse operates in real-time, maintains synchronicity among individuals, and preserves information consistently.”

vishal ‘immersion’ reddy


Why is he called ‘immersion’ reddy?

Vishal Reddy, has a lot of experience as an entrepreneur in the immersive sector and metaverse. The metaverse is a virtual world that uses Augmented Reality (AR) and other related technologies. Vishal thinks that the best way to make more people use the metaverse is to help them understand and appreciate it. Vishal wants to help the industry grow and reach more people. His first experiment is an app that helps enterprise staff learn metaverse in a way that suits them. This project aligns with the principles of Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance ( A group that has partnered with Vishal's community interest initiative,

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WHAT does he apply?

Practical framework derived from real-world experience

knowledge sufficiency


EXploitation strategies




The percentage bar indicates the module's priority or its weighted significance within the framework used for immersion readiness education and immersive project execution.

immersion readiness education

Assisted learning that will get you ready for an immersive future





HE haS a past

Immersive technology entrepreneur.

Expert in immersive product and solution design, go-to-market, marketing & sales strategy, research & development projects.

Establishing training & certification standards for the immersive sector.

Vishal has made a commitment to give back to the immersive sector by dedicating 9% of his future work hours.

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